Evaluation for Formative Asessment

It was a slow start to the term for me, I failed to nail down a concept and run with it, instead I surrounded myself with too many ideas. In revisiting my summer project, I found something that I resonated with and moved on from that.

I think the main issue at the beginning of the term was that I was convinced that I wanted to create wearable pieces where as the concept did not fit this form. I think one of the best decisions I made was to drop the idea of wearable sculpture until it seemed more natural and less forced. This moment came just after the pitch with Zoe. I think in concisely depicting what I want to produce in the months to come I came to a realisation. This process of stepping back and assessing my work is something that I have come to adopt however, has hindered me in the past.

My main focus moving on will be the finish of my outcomes. I think in sticking to processes I know and have practice at will aid me in this, however I still need to be wary of this as I move forward.

Visualising my ideas has been a struggle, but I think I have generated some strong visuals despite this, embracing the use of collage and Photoshop that I learnt in my field options last year.

I am enjoying working digitally again, 3d scanning, modelling and printing and look forward to progressing with this next term. I look to learning how to CNC due to me wanting to produce bigger pieces of work in the new year.

Overall, I think I could be further along in my work failing to produce a 100% finished outcome for this assessment, however I think that the foundations of this work are strong and I look forward to producing the work in the new year.

Professional Practice: Creative Coding.

I feel as if to continue on the route i would like then i will need to advance my skills in coding. I feel as if this will help facilitate my ideas.

I see that there are three options available to me:

1 – A taught course in an institution teaching just creative coding.

2 – A masters Course that teaches creative coding within its format.

3 – A self teach course such as open university where you can learn at home.

I am currently looking into all three, and asking to see if there may be more options available to me. I think overall this may be a good investment, I used to be able to code very basically so I know it is a skill I can acquire.

My Final Designs.

Combing all the things that I had developed so far in this project I made these two following designs.

This first one housed in a dark space, using a motion or distance sensor to trigger when someone is getting closer to it or entering the room. This is when the object reveals itself to you by lighting up from within the object itself and outside it. This object will be scaled up version of the mini landscapes of the body i have been creating previously.

The second of the designs revolves around a bronze cast – again scaled up for importance but to an achievable size – coated in wax which heats up when a more tactile sensory object made of foam and/or silicone is squeezed. When the object heats up it melts the wax and reveal the landscape beneath.

The interaction in this second one is more complex and is ephemeral and time based. The bronze cast would have to be re-dipped or replaced often or documented as film/photography and presented alongside the bronze.

design 3

Professional Practice: Finding an MA

At the beginning of this year I was at a quandary of what I wanted to do after university, but now I am 96% certain I want to continue onto a Masters, if not next year the year after. This came through my professional practice tutorial with Ingrid. I’ve found several suitable courses but am uncertain about the institutions in which they reside so i am looking to visit some over the Christmas period.

Ideally I would like to stay in Cardiff so I have been considering doing an Ma within the institution and then adapting it to my needs. Its early stages right now but I am now excited about postgraduate study now, rather than anxious towards the end of my degree.


Carrying on with visuals…

So I started to transform my 3D and 2D outcomes into photo-shopped landscapes.

Drawing Form – Mini Mountains to Monumental Peaks

I’ve started to generate a few more visuals to compliment my work and build up a design sheet with the view of scaling up my work. The idea of scaling up is not only to highlight the detail and beauty of the piece but also elevates the value of the piece and gives it importance. When discussing with my tutors we grounded that adding value can be done in a number of ways: Material – which I feel I am already doing by producing the materials in bronze; Scale – which I think will create a sense of awe and wonderment about the piece as well as showcasing its beauty; context and curation – such as placing an object high up, on a plinth or elevated – this I havn’t explored in great detail yet but i look forward to doing so.

I’m really proud at the way that the visuals have turned out. Some forms I have drawn and some are digitally generated.

This is the progress of this and the finished ‘Form’ design sheet.

I want to start now transforming these new visuals into 3D models of what i want to make next term.

Pewter Mountains…

Because I am unable to produce bronze for the assessment I have decided to make some of my smaller models out of pewter. In doing this I realised how chunky they are and heavy, therefore I think as I move forward in producing works I would like to produce them hollow. Instead of producing them hollow with a bottom I think I will cast a shell like object. This will help when placing a conductive coil within the work but also save on material costs.

If objects need to be wall mounted or hung this will also help as it will be less weighty. If this is the case I also have to consider how they are wall mounted or hung and have to provide for such things will have to be made into the object.


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