The Final Exhibition

Here are some images of my final installaton. Its not 100% finished yet, little bits to tidy up here and there. But its installed and it works I was getting very emotional friday, I think it was many things. But the main reason is that at the time I wasnt very happy with what produced. However, reflecting back I am confident in the work, and after my final adjustments.


Professional Practice : New designers.

Last summer me and Kerry went to New Designers to scope out the oportunity. Its taken alot of organising and time but we are finally on our way to New Designers.

Still a long way to go but its going to be a great patform to launch us into post-grad study or employment. How very exciting!

Professional Practice : Applying for Masters

Just undergoing the process of applying for the MFA at Cardiff now that ive got my website up and running and my degree show featureing in it.

Professional Practice : Buisness Cards

Buisness Cards… Well I thought it would be easy… However I did stuggle creating them slightly.

This is because at first I dont think I had great images, then I was over designing them and the work was lost in the images.

These were those preliminary drafts that I didnt use.

And then I decided to simplify it alot more.

So this is what I ended up going with…

Professional Practice : Creating a website.

The last Couple of says i have been collating information and imagery into a website to showcase my work and almost act as an online profolio. I think it is important for me to have a proffesional looking site so that when applying for courses and exhibitions I have an easily accesable back catalouge.

I’ve pretty much finished this now, the site is still slightly under construction…. but have a look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I created the website on the free hosting and designing site… this is becuse even though I do have some knowledge of CSS coding after taking a course in it after secondry school, there is no way I could of created a website. I then bought the domain name so that I had a consise an professional name to put on my buisness cards.

Like I said before, still a bit to do, but am slowly getting there!


Ripping down the paper.

Today I had to redo all my images on the fronts of the boxes. It really wasnt working but I think I was very reluctant to let it go. But once I did it did look better. It took a while for me to fix it. I will have to redo the images before the exhibition, but at least I know that something will work!


Show set up.

I’ve had alot of fun this week setting up the show with my fellow makers! Here are a few of the snap shots I’ve taken from thoughout the week.